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Can't decide if you want a jumpy or a slide? The decision can be tough. Why not choose BOTH? With Jump N Fun Inflatables' Combos, you can! Our Combo units each feature an 11ft slide attached to a 15' X 15' jumpy. This way you can get both with one low price!

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Renting a slide from Jump n Fun Inflatables on a hot summer day might be one of the smartest things you'll ever do! Imagine sitting in the pool area of the slide with the sun beaming down on you as your child comes zooming down the slide full speed. Sounds like a blast right?

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Slip N Slides

Slip N Slides are on the newest and fastest growing type of inflatables in the market today. Its great for those who want to try something new and a little nontraditional! We offer both single-lane and double-lane slides.


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Specialty Units

​Some inflatables just do not fit into a set category. Some say because they are too awesome to conform to a category. Want to know if this is true? Then book your "Specialty Unit" Today!

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